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Fees and Licenses

The City of Brandenburg annually levies a $40 business license fee on business and professions 
operating within the city. A 5% insurance premium tax is levied on policies written within the corporate limits of the city and a $20 unloading fee is required annually.
Business License: $40.00 - Download Business License Application [PDF, 444KB]
Beer License: $200.00
Liquor License: $200.00
Video Game/Juke Box: $10.00 each
Pool Table License: 1st table $20.00 and each additional $5.00 each
* All license fees are due before July 1st and expire June 30th the following year.

Electric Schedule of Fees and Charges

Single Family Dwelling (Rough & Final Inspection) under 2500 Sq/Ft.: $85.00
Single Family Dwelling (Rough & Final Inspection) over 2500 Sq/Ft.: $125.00
Mobile Home – All FINAL: $40.00
Residential Addition and Attached Garages (Rough & Final: $65.00
Rewiring: $85.00
Service Charge: $40.00
Underground Service (Final: $40.00
Temporary on Main: $30.00
Temporary on Pole: $35.00
Re-inspections: $30.00
Emergency Service: $40.00
Permanent Meter Pole: $40.00
Barn: $40.00
Grain Bin: $40.00
Sign: $35.00 - Download Sign Permit Application [PDF, 430KB]
Swimming Pool (Grounds & Final: $40.00
Garage and Pole Barn: $50.00
Garage/Accessory Building (Rough & Final: $55.00
Gas Well: $45.00
Commercial/Industrial: Greater of $75.00 or 1% of Elec Contract amt.
Multi-Family Units (Rough & Final: $50.00 per unit
Ceiling Cable Heat: $30.00
Miscellaneous: $40.00